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La Toilette
La Toilette
La Toilette
La Toilette
La Toilette
La Toilette
La Toilette
La Toilette
La Toilette
La Toilette
La Toilette
La Toilette
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La Toilette

La Toilette

¥264,000 税込 / tax incl.
大事な家族である愛猫と健やかに長く暮らしていくため、これからの 用トイレは「隠すもの」から「魅せるもの」へ。

The health of the cats can be seen from the litter boxes.
An open shape of litter boxes makes it easy to spot the small changes in their health and doesn’t take time to check.
To help cats live a healthy life as part of your precious family, we transform a litter tray from the one to be hidden away to the one to be displayed in the room.
And such a change will offer a great opportunity to develop the communication between cats and their owners.

サイズ・材質 Size / Materials

φ480mm / H 135mm / 約1,800g
W 503mm / H 160mm / 約1,400g
the body
φ480mm / H 135mm / ca.1,800g
the legs
W 503mm / H 160mm / ca.1,400g
* Total height with the legs 195mm
* There are some differences in each product, because it is handmade.
the body:aluminum with ceramic paint
the legs:brass

お手入れ方法 How to Care


For daily maintenance, wipe the main body with a cloth after disposing of the litter. For heavy soiling, wash all parts.There is no need to worry about the damage from the sunlight.

注意事項 Attention

・塗装の表面にざらつき( セラミックの粒子) が目立つ場合もございますが、 製造上の特性によるものなので品質には問題はございません。
・商品はハンドメイドで制作されております。実際の商品は、色味・パター ン・大きさ・形に多少の個体差が出ますので、サイト内の商品画像はイメー ジとしてご参照ください。

・This product is for cats. It may be damaged if a load other than cats is applied to it.
・Be sure to install the product on a level and stable surface.
・Do not move the product by dragging it. Doing so may cause scratches on the floor.
・Do not place the product near fire or heating apparatus, or pour boiling water on it. Doing so may cause burns to people or pets, deformation of the product, or damage to the product.
・Do not drop, hit, or otherwise subject the product to strong impact. Do not rub with sharp objects as they may scratch the product.
・The surface of brass products will oxidize over time and depending on the environment in which they are used, giving them a unique appearance.
・If you are concerned about discoloration due to oxidation, use commercially available citric acid, vinegar, lemon juice, etc. to polish the surface and restore its luster. The surface of the paint may have some roughness (ceramic particles), but this is due to manufacturing characteristics and does not affect the quality of the product.
・ The product is handmade. The actual product may vary slightly in color, pattern, size, and shape, so please refer to the product images on the site as images only.

保証について Guarantee


We offer a money back guarantee if cats haven’t used it for a month.*This service is only available in Japan.

保証についてのお問い合わせ Inquiry

納期について Delivery Date





A round-shaped bowl to reflect the behavior of cats


We designed the body with an open, rounded bowl based on the behavior of the cats when they enter a litter boxes by turning around along the edge. The 480mm diameter body has enough room for cats. The rim is high enough to prevent the inside from spilling out, but low enough for cats to easily get in. It also looks beautiful.
We offer two different colors in black and white, which will easily go with the other furniture in the room.




All parts are handmade. The main body is made of aluminum

「La Toilette」は世界でも稀有なオール金属製です。

“La Toilette” is made entirely of metal. It is unique in the world.
The body is made of aluminum, which is light and strong. And the legs are made of brass, which is worthy of its age.
We make sustainable products and have less impact on the earth. Aluminum and brass are highly recyclable, that is why we chose these metals.




Cermic paint has high sustainability


Cats scratch inside and damage litter boxes with their nails.
If their excrement remains in the damage, it will continue to smell. To prevent this, we chose hard material for the body and ceramic paint which is resistant to scratching.
And there is no discoloration from the sunlight.




Use for the all age of cats


The legs can be removed from the body for use by cats of all ages.
Without legs, kittens or older cats with weak legs can use it safely. And its durability and drug resistance make it easy to clean.
Daily maintenance is as simple as wiping the body with a cloth after removing the litter.
Of course, you can wash all the parts and dry them in the sun. No need to worry about discoloration.




After sales guarantee


Some cats are afraid of something they have never seen before and may take time to start using it. If cats haven’t used it for a month, we offer a money back guarantee. *This service is only available in Japan.